Dropbox when you’re on the go

“I’m out of the office and my coworker has asked for a file… I’m standing on the train and my boss has asked me to respond to a comment they made on the file…Our agency just sent me a proof I need to approve but I’ve only got my phone.”

During my first six months at Dropbox, these were the kinds of problems that I solved for on iOS. Here is a sample of the work I shipped.


Your Dropbox is full of stuff so it can be difficult to quickly retrieve the files you care about. ‘Recents’ is built on the observation that the files you care about are most often the ones you’ve recently interacted with. That means if you’re at your desk and you just worked on a file, you can pull out your phone and that file will be the first thing you see when you launch the app.

Action Menu

File actions on Dropbox are core to the product. Whether that means sharing a file, inviting collaborators to a folder or simply moving things around your file tree. But we all know that being on the go, and away from your keyboard can make these operations tough. We introduced the action menu to make it easy instead. Tapping on the small downward arrow brings up all the actions you’re used to seeing on the desktop. Now file operations on mobile are just as fast as on the desktop.


Have you ever had to give feedback on a design or a deck while in transit? What version are we talking about? What page? What part? There’s a lot of context that’s needed to give a meaningful response and sometimes an email is just not enough to do the job. Comments on iOS enable you to attach conversations to the file you’re talking about.

Spotlight Integration

Sometimes you’re not sure where that file is. Was it in your email or in your Dropbox? Now you don’t have to figure it out. Just search your phone and Dropbox results will pop up too.

3D Touch

With the iPhone 6 we saw the introduction of 3D touch. Dropbox used this new technology to give users quick access to their most recent file and common actions without even entering the app. Within the app, we also utilized Peek and Pop to help users look into a folder without having to enter it.

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